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But the funny feeling he felt stepping out of the car, and the one that had intensified as he walked through the doors had reached a peak as he found her red dress in the sea of masked faces. He slowly lowered his face to hers, giving her a deep and loving kiss. I-I am too! The ribbons fell uselessly to the side, but Marinette made no move to remove the mask from her face. A few quick and daring steps later, the song was reaching its final moment and he grabbed her and placed her into a final low dip, bringing his face inches from hers.

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He let his arm lay lazily against her chest as he took in her sweet smell.

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He sighed at the crumpled up fabric, and pulled out a hanger to put it away. And Marinette knew she owed her best friend an explanation of what that dance was. The heat in her stomach was reaching an unbearable point, and the edge she was standing on earlier seemed much higher and she was reaching it quicker. But soon hugging was not enough, and he broke away from their contact to connect their eyes once more, and the overwhelming amount of love they found in each other made up for any time they thought they had lost with each other. Before he can reach down and kiss her, the song ends, and the next one begins. In fact, it was downright ironic, because Adrien felt like utter shit as he stood in front of his dismayed school. Marinette was barely breathing underneath his touch, yearning for him to touch her nipples.

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