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Not built that way and like several others have already posted, would rather retain my freedom, discretionary time and esteem rather than submit to a relationship lifestyle that presents at least for types like me more insecurity and angst than what I would personally gain. Once again, I am not defending men. I guess I figured an older man would show more maturity. The political organization ProtectMarriage. I want to be alone. You always did tell it like it is. Retrieved 20 November

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I wish I either waited for a man who only had eyes for me, or never got married at all.

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I totally agree with you. I strongly believe in the sisterhood and that it should be strong. Like from the age of 10 I was spying on naked man and I love it. Share In rare cases the stake president may submit a recommendation that the First Presidency consider an exception if there is strong evidence of genuine repentance and reformation and if the candidate has been free of transgression for a sufficient period of time. Ha ha P.