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I've dated two korean guys before, both seem to fall under that category lol. I feel like everybody is simplifying things without realizing that every Korean guy is different, there are some who are very willing to help around the house and some that are not, there are some very a lot of pride and some are very cool-headed, some are girly and some are not. Pro tip. We are dealing with being from different cultures and living soooo far away, but we are having a good time. Of course, he was also a really sweet and special guy too, with a sensitive side that he kept hidden. They were white washed, but still seem to retain some common elements.

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My Oppa never even left South Korea before he met me.

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What Jewish Singles Could Learn from Korean Dating Culture

Add a message. I really never had this experience myself. Welcome to our community Sign Up Now! Every Korean guy is different. I don't know. Sign In Sign Up.

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korean dating culture forum
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korean dating culture forum
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korean dating culture forum
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